Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ed and the Purple Gloves

This could also be titled Ed and the Septic System, but that sounds a little disgusting. We learned all about the septic system yesterday, i.e., if it is not graded properly, the rain will pour into it, fill it up, and overflow into a pipe hole in the basement. The good news is that Ed heard the alarm going off, and found the water pouring in before it flooded the entire basement. The other good news is that it was a relatively new system, and the water appeared to be mostly rainwater, and it didn't smell bad. The third good news, was that the builder sent a septic company to pump out our tank. The septic guy also dug a small channel in hopes of keeping the rain from pooling on top of the septic tank.

Ed spent his morning sealing the hole in the pipe, and we have been fortunate that today the rain has slowed down. Tomorrow, if we're lucky, some of our friendly neighborhood bulldozers will take a break from building the new road and come re-grade our yard to prevent another disaster.