Friday, April 30, 2010

Jon Visit

It was so great yesterday to have Jon visit--my first sibling to drop by! It doesn't hurt that he's a pilot and by virtue of flying a lot, he eventually had an overnight in Baltimore. Ed and I picked him up for lunch and took him out for crab cakes. (I think they're starting to grow on me a little.) Then, Jon and I walked off the meal by taking a turn around Liberty Reservoir. Jon (have pick, will travel) played a little Day Tripper for me that he's learning in his guitar lesson. We finished up a fun day by playing guitar and banjo together. We heard it snowed in Salt Lake. We were glad the weather was perfect here yesterday.


  1. We get Jon involved in our cyperspace/blogging world.

  2. You two look great in your greens among the greenery. I'm glad that you had family in town:)