Thursday, April 8, 2010

Misery at the MVA

I spent the better (longer) part of my day at the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration yesterday. I want to say that the state of Maryland is much less friendly to newcomers than it's people. I'm hoping we've jumped through enough hoops now to have passed the worthiness test. We were spoiled in Broomfield when it comes to registering vehicles. (Nice clerks, no lines, chairs...) Well, yesterday I stood in line 1/2 hour yesterday just to pass the dragon lady. If you have the correct paperwork she gives you a number. Then, I sat in a chair for an hour and a half. It was 85 degrees outside and about 55 inside. I wasn't prepared for the over-airconditioned comfort. The numbers start with different letters just to confuse you and make you think they are orderly. It was frustrating watching a guy that was quite a ways behind me in the dragon lady line go 1/2 hour before me. We both had cars to register and both went to the same window. He was H5 and I was C24. I think they save "C" for the people with the bad attitude. The dragon lady knew my heart. When I finally got to the window I was forced to stand directly under an airconditoining vent for 1/2 hour while she clicked away. To add insult to injury, they charged me 3% tax on the book value of both vehicles, because Colorado had only charged me 3% when I bought them, and Maryland tax is 6%. She didn't care that I really paid 8.25% with the county taxes in Colorado. By the time I got out of there ($1700 poorer), I would have paid any price to be free.

On a happier note, I paid a little extra to get "Treasure the Chesapeake" plates. They look very cool and have a bird and a crab on them.


  1. It kind of makes me grateful to be in Colorado. Here DMV at least they smiles when the take your money. I am quite sure the DMV here also feels "entitled," but least they are not so blatant. Taxation is way out of control. Bad part is there is probably no way to protest. Not sure I even want to visit the East Coast.

  2. Hmmmm.....sounds like a good reason to go back to Colorado. But I do like the plates, good choice.