Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wild Daffodils

Ed came home early from work yesterday, and we enjoyed a walk around the reservoir. There were wild daffodils along the path. Rumor is that the deer don't like to eat the daffodils, which was nice. Maybe we should plant some by our house. I have never seen the deer at our house, just their hoofprints in our copse. But yesterday afternoon we saw four of them hopping over the fence into our neighbors farm.


  1. What is the definition of a copse?

  2. I finally found your email address in my Comcast. I had opened your email when we were in California and then couldn't find your new one when we got home. HAPPY EASTER! Lee and I drove by your house a few days ago to see if it had sold yet and it looks good. There is a little light gone out of the ward since you and Ed left. I hope you're loved and welcome where you are and I will write again soon. We're having Lee's children and his brother and his brother's neighbor for an Easter Brunch in a half an hour. God bless the Bushes,