Sunday, February 27, 2011

Get Downs!

Jannet and Jim Downs (from Broomfield) stopped by yesterday, having just returned to the states after their cruise to Antartica. (This was, by the way, their fourth cruise in 12 months!) We were glad they could find time to come up from Washington DC, where they're attending a meeting.

It was so much fun showing them the house and talking about the pros and cons and changes we've made. Ed cooked up some steaks, and we enjoyed dinner complete with leftover cheesecake! We talked fast and furious, trying to catch up on the last 12 months! In the 7 years I visit taught Jannet we never ran out of things to talk about!

We enjoyed seeing a few pictures of Antarctica, as well as some wedding pictures of Jannet's granddaughter. I think all the people in Broomfield will be jealous of us when they see we've seen the Downs more this year than they have!


  1. Wow, That's amazing. I didn't even know you could cruise to Antarctica.