Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Although I was a bit under the weather yesterday, we managed to salvage a Happy Valentine's day. Ed bought me some pretty roses, and gave me a really nice card. My visiting teachee (Mary) gave me a nice red candle last week (complete with the letter 'J'). We had two bottles of strawberry crush that we won at Game night at the Gams on Saturday night. To top it all off we went to Panera (my favorite restaurant) and came home with two strawberries and cream scones!
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  1. Those strawberry scones look delicious, did you have it with the Crush?

  2. (love is gay) Hope you feel better -- now that you made the rest of us nauseous.

  3. You are funny, Joan. Maybe love is really gay-o!

    And yes, Verlene, we sucked that strawberry crush down with the scones. Milk might have been a better choice, but we felt festive with the red brews!

  4. What a lovely sentiment. Unfortunately, I came home with the bone fevers and went straight to bed where I stayed until today. (I called a sub for Tuesday and everything.) I had purchased a lovely Rib-Eye steak shaped like a heart from Whole Foods and my dear sweet husband has been making me open-face tuna sandwiched in the meantime. I will post a picture of our feast when I actually have the energy to cook again.

    Wasn't Joan post clever...