Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Year in Maryland

Today is our one year anniversary of buying our home in Maryland.   I could now sit next to someone on an airplane and tell him I’m from Maryland without stumbling over my words. I know a dozen freeways and their general directions. I can wend my way home through several different neighborhoods when I need to. In all these things and many more I’ve been helped by new friends who were and are willing to share their lives with us. I’m grateful for the church and the opportunity to forge friendships there. I’m grateful to have chosen a neighborhood where people had room in their hearts for us. I’m grateful for family and friends that have taken the time to visit us and explore the East with us. I’m also grateful to have our new dog, Coda, who makes us feel like a family here.  It’s been a wonderful journey which we plan to continue to enjoy as we watch the road roll out in front of us!

If there were one thing we didn’t like about the state, it would be the State. We like to call it a State of Taxation. They have also welcomed us with outstretched arms that immediately reached deep into our pocketbooks. And they haven’t taken them out yet! When you add that to spending  $2300 for 8 weeks of propane this winter,  it makes a body think they should have stayed in Colorado!

But, soon it will be spring, a season we thoroughly enjoyed last year.  We’ll watch the trees bud out and the gardens burst into bloom, and we’ll think how beautiful and green it is out here. Spring will lead into the magical firefly days of June, and all the sweet Hawaiian shave ice in July. And a fall that lasted well into November! Now, if we just had a couple of really tall mountains here, wouldn’t that be great…


  1. Fireflies are no reason to pay those kind of taxes. Move back, move back now before it is to late. Colorado lower it tax percentage to 4.63%, On the other hand, having grand kids living in Colorado isn't such great idea. I heard they we going to cut the K12 budget by 400 million? What have you heard Barb?

  2. Yeah, it may be furloughs for me and Kent this year. Right now, I'm thinking time off may be worth the money, sigh! Looks like the education cuts from K12 will be as bad as Verlene said. It was plastered right across the front page of the Post today. Who I really feel sorry for, are the kids in my classroom who already look sad about the state of money in their households.

  3. Matthew 17:20-"If ye have faith as a grain of mustard see, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place..."

    Just be sure you don't move any that take away from my view. :-)