Friday, February 4, 2011

Sledding in the Back Yard

I wonder if we're too old for this, but we couldn't resist taking our sleds out for a spin in our yard today. The snow was a little crusty on top from the rain we had this week, so it was nice and slick. Ed got Coda on for a ride down the hill. I had her briefly, but she basically preferred chasing the sled down the hill and barking at the top of her lungs.

Ed finally sledded all the way to the back fence, which was no easy feat because of the slant of the hill.  It was much easier to fly into the copse if you weren't careful. By, then, Coda had had enough. She sat and watched as he coasted into the fence.


  1. At least you got Coda to go on the sled. I don't think Brandy would have been so compliant.

  2. You need some grandchildren to play with:)

  3. Love the picture of you on the sled with Coda looking on, priceless.