Sunday, November 25, 2012

Playing all Day

We had family band on Friday and Saturday mornings. We had a good time working out new arrangements and hammering out some of the difficult parts.

This is my favorite part of band, seeing who will sing and who will play what. I also like seeing how we'll start and end a song. The band really has some great ideas. So do I, but most of the time they veto my ideas! (Some of which, in retrospect might not have been stellar.)

In the evening we went to the National Zoo to see the lights. It was cold out, so we really bundled up!

We got to ride the animals at the zoo--on a carousel, which played 'Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet' and' Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me,' as well as "The Happy Farmer!"

We even got some kettle corn  Our dieting has NOT gone well during the Thanksgiving holiday!

We had such a fun time with Brittany and John that we hated to take them back to the airport this morning so they could resume their real life! We look forward to the end of December when they come back.

We can't wait to play a few more hands of "Call for a Partner Rook" with them!

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  1. Nice to see you are getting in the Holiday spirit.