Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Walking, Water and Wandering

Crystal joined Suzanne and I and the dogs for a walk this afternoon. We did about a 4 mile trip through the woods. This time our walk was extended a little because Coda wandered off in pursuit of a couple of deer. Harper tried to persuade her to come back, but finally gave up on her and came back alone. About 10 minutes later Coda came loping out of the woods with a happy smile on her face. We were not so happy. Harper took a little dip in the water, but Coda, as usual, would have nothing to do with that!

Despite Coda's independent ways, Crystal still loves her. She made her some special dog treats from a Martha Stewart recipe tonight. You can find the recipe at: Coda liked them very much and said she was sorry and promised she would never run off alone into the woods again.

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