Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taking Care of Horses

Tuesday was my last day to take care of the horses. Lenny is recovered from his surgery and back on the job. And just in time, I might add! Look at the frost on the ground! Bamby looks like she wants to say, "It's bad enough that there is only an inch of grass out there, now you have to cover it with a layer of ice!"

Mr. Genes waited in the barn while I took our picture together. He had finished his oats and couldn't wait to get out the the hay rack before the other horses ate his share!

Mr. Genes, Coco and Bali were happily munching away as I left. Bamby, the "grande dame" of the farm, enjoys her spot alone on the other side of the rack. That way the hoi polloi (me) is not treated to the privilege of watching her eat.

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