Saturday, December 29, 2012

Brittany and John Arrive

The day after Christmas we were treated to another round of snow. Crystal, Ed and Coda were able to enjoy playing ball outside in the morning before it started to rain and melt all the snow.

Coda liked the snow, but she did NOT like getting it in her mouth when she picked up the ball! It was so cold she spit the ball out!

The weather cooperated long enough for us to safely pick Brittany and John up from the airport. They told us their flight had a pretty scary half hour before landing. They were happy to be alive. Apparently, the weather as they descended had some pretty sever pressure differentials! We were happy to celebrate Christmas again with them when we got them safely home.

We celebrated a belated birthday for me afterwards, where I got to blow out my candles. Really, the whole month has been like a birthday for me. Ed got me a beautiful new guitar, which he let me use for all our performances even before my birthday! It was so great to have us all together again! That was the best present ever!

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