Saturday, December 29, 2012

Music and Food

We've been spending our mornings practicing with our family band. We're having fun putting together a variety of songs for our next Christmas CD.

We thought we'd like to put together a video of "Behind the Scenes with Whistling Prairie." But, it's barely all we can do to snap a few pictures.

We rewarded ourselves afterwards by going out to dinner at Tony's Japanese Steak House in Eldersburg. This, happily, was thanks to a generous gift certificate. The girls and John enjoyed the show and perhaps even picked up some cooking tips from the chef!

To top off a great day, we went into DC to see a production of White Christmas at the Kennedy Center. Nothing like some singing and dancing to put a smile on your face! We enjoyed hearing Blue Skies, which Crystal and I have been practicing on the guitar this year. The song "I Love a Piano" was a fun new one for us. We laughed when they sang "I know a fine way to treat a Steinway" and then proceeded to tap dance on top of one. Just like making flaming onion volcanoes on a hot grill, some things are better when not tried at home!

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