Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning

The girls didn't get up as early as usual this Christmas. I think they thought it would be wise to wait till Ed and I had time to feed the horses. Lenny and Kay went to Virginia to be with her daughter and family for Christmas, and it was the least we could do to help out a little so they could do that. They felt bad about it, but more than made up with it with a generous gift certificate to Captain Dan's Crab House, which we really look forward to taking advantage of! Ed and I actually enjoyed going down to the barn in the morning, and getting outside a little. Bali, as always was happy to get fed!

Amanda and Crystal were ready to come downstairs by the time we got home from the barn. Amanda will remember this as her Christmas on crutches. Crystal could compare it to her Christmas with the chicken pox (in 1993)! It was only a minor impediment to enjoying the holiday in either case!

We had a relaxing Christmas day. Coda, who was worn out, actually gave us some cuddles while the girls were opening their presents. I also had a great birthday, which I enjoyed especially as it is my last one in this decade of life!

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