Monday, December 31, 2012

Recording Begins

We started recording our Christmas songs on Saturday, which means the basement is a tangle of wires and mikes. We started out fresh and chipper, but it turned into a pretty long day!

This picture of Ed captures it all. He's thinking, "Are we REALLY going to do this again?"

Maybe John is vying for the title of Favorite Son In Law, but he never complains about playing together. He loves it!

Even when his fingers started to bleed, he just had Brittany kiss them better, and we went on with the show!

I got to play my new birthday guitar a lot, which made me happy.

We added some variety with a uke and the bells. Amanda got to use a new bell technique we learned in my handbell choir.

Crystal also dusted off her dulcimer this year, and Amanda added her new accordion. It makes it so much fun to use a variety of instruments. I even got to play the fish on one song! I'd like to say we're half done, but 5 out of 12 songs is a good start!

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  1. What do you mean "are we really going to do this again?" Oh course you are! It's a way of keeping track on how your family has evolved in the past year.