Sunday, August 4, 2013

High Priest Party with a Guest Speaker

We hosted a fajita dinner for the High Priests group last night. Unfortunately, a lot of them were out of town. Fortunately, we had several neighbors join us.

We had enough to exactly fill the tables in the kitchen and dining room! Our neighbor Diana Scott (in the red shirt on the left) was our guest speaker.

She wrote a book called, The Forgotten Corner, A History of Oakland Mill. She talked about the town of Oakland that used to exist at the end of our street before it was flooded by Liberty Reservoir. It had a mill that employed hundreds of people, but was destroyed in 1953 when the dam was built. The people living in the area were surprised when they began building the dam, although legislation had been passed to authorize construction on the dam in the 30's. Times were different then. News did not travel as fast! It was fun taking a step back in time and reflecting on the changes. Apparently one of the biggest changes is the loss of the old oak trees after which the town of Oakland was named! Maybe we'll have to plant a few in its memory!

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