Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last day in Shanghai

We started the day today at the Shanghai Museum. It is a beautifully situated building, complete with fountain and a square beside it.
Inside there are four flours of treasures. We were determined to do it all in 1 ½ hours, but we had to hustle a little to do it.
There was a wing for porcelain, and a wing for just calligraphy, and a section of Tibetan masks, as well as painting, costumes, bronzes, seals and furniture. Something for everyone! My favorite was the costumes!
We then went over to the Oriental Pearl Television Tower for a view of the city.
The line to get in didn't seem so long, as there were beautiful lanterns and pictures on the walls. However, we ended up on the slow elevator going up and down, as well, plus an unwanted trip through the arcade on the way down. They funnel you through their entertainment section in hopes that you'll have the desire to spend more time and money there!
It was great seeing all the tall buildings for the top, but amazing to be so high and still have to actually look up to see the tops of the newest structures!
There was one deck with a (plexi-)glass floor. It was a little dizzying walking on it. We tried all jumping at once to see if it would wiggle the tower. Fortunately, it didn't!
We went back the the Yuyuan shopping area and had our driver and guide drop us off for an adventure on our own. We were successful with the shopping. I scored a new musical instrument called an Erhu, which is like a little tiny cello. The owner of the store was a great player, and we got a private lesson before I bought it. I'm hoping to find a way to use it with the Pearl Strings!

In the evening we walked around searching for a place to take the river cruise. When it became apparent that we would never find it we finally gave up and caught a couple of taxis back to our hotel. It was just as well. We needed the time to organize our things and pack our bags for the return trip. Hopefully, our bags will be under the weight limit, as we're coming home a little heavier than we left! (And I'm not just talking about the luggage!)


  1. What happened? Crystal didn't get the tennis shoe memo?

    See ya tomorrow Crystal, I will be at the airport's 45 minute wait area awaiting your arrival, cell in hand. Can't believe it's been almost two weeks since you left!

  2. Judy, I have really enjoyed following your fabulous many wonderful sights and experiences, and for me so many sweet memories.
    We never visited Zangjiajie during our years there; don't think I had even heard the name spoken.
    Bon Voyage.
    The kitties will be glad to have their "mommy and daddy" back.

  3. I love the pic of Crystal and the lanterns!

  4. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures. Have a safe trip home!