Saturday, August 10, 2013

Safely Ensconced in Royal Phoenix Hotel Beijing

Our journey has begun. We're safely ensconced in our hotel in Beijing, after a long (13 ½ hour) flight from Washington, Dulles.  We got to ride the new train at the Dulles airport, which was much nicer than the old buses.
We had a little bad news/good news at the airport. First our flight to New York was delayed, which would have made it impossible to make our connection to China.  The good news was that United booked us on the direct flight to China instead. They were so helpful, and although I had to wait a long time for them to figure out how to change the tickets, it was well worth the wait!

And, even more incredibly, the seat next to Ed and me (the one with the leg room) was the ONLY seat that was not filled on the plane. Amanda was able to move up and sit with us all the way to China!

We have lovely rooms at the Best Western Royal Phoenix, and we're planning on taking a power nap while we wait for Brittany, John and Crystal to arrive at midnight tonight!  We're glad it's them and not us arriving in the middle of the night!  We need our beauty sleep!


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