Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to Basics!

The holidays have ended just in time. Coda and I haven't walked in three weeks! It felt good to be outside again! We had to hurry and walk this morning before the temperature dropped. It's supposed to get into single digits tonight--a real cold day in Baltimore!

I tried out my new fitness equipment. Ed gave me a Garmin GPS watch, which will be great for mapping out my routes. It syncs with MapMyWalk, as well as with the Garmin site. My sister, Barbara had my name this year for Christmas, and she got me a FitBit, which monitors my steps and movement during the day. I took them both out this morning, and they both worked great!

I spent the morning setting up my devices on the computer and syncing them.

I got a new computer for Christmas, with Windows 8 and a touchscreen monitor. Ed spent the weekend setting it up for me.

While Ed was busy in the study I was busy taking down Christmas. The house looks so bare and clean. It's happy and sad at the same time!

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