Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Birthday and Goodbye

We said goodbye to all the girls (and John) last week. Amanda was the last to leave. We celebrated an early birthday with her Thursday night before she left.

She made her own birthday flan, and invited her friends Kim and Ken over to dinner. We made sure not to let the candles melt on the flan and ruin it like we did last time!

Amanda stuffed her car full of musical instruments. It almost felt like saying goodbye to the music, too. She had a harp, violin, and an accordion, as well as a space heater and humidifier.

She left between snowstorms and is now safely ensconced in Duluth, after driving for two days. The temperatures in Duluth are going to plummet down to 30 degrees below zero this week.

We feel like she is a little more prepared for the chilling winter in Minnesota after receiving her new Christmas present--this Loki brand jacket with built in mittens and face shield!

Check it out at!

The coat came highly recommended from my sister, Annette, who is on a mission in Bismark, North Dakota. She says her Loki jacket has been amazing! If it's good enough for Bismark it ought to work in Duluth!

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