Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

We had our annual New Year's Eve Party on Tuesday Night. This time we had it almost entirely in the basement for the first time. With only 22 people, it was manageable on one floor. We did go upstairs at midnight to toast the New Year. Then, we went back down to finish all the game ladders. We were, happily, done by 1 a.m. It was fun being with good friends, stuffing ourselves with all the great food and playing games as we ushered in 2014.

The lucky winners winners were:

Ping Pong--Megan Whitlock
Mario Cart--John Nuttall
Pool--Brittany Bush
Tenzi Dice--Lynsey Stephens
2 Player Reactor Game--Dallas Smith
Shoot the Bunny--John Guptill
Foosball--Amanda Bush

Here's a slideshow for any of you that would like to re-live the event!

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  1. Look how create you are getting! Loved the slide show.