Monday, January 27, 2014

Easy as Pie!

I decided to try out my new pie rolling mat on Saturday. It worked great, but did not contain the mess to a small area, as you can see. Since I took the pie crust lesson in Relief Society last fall, I thought I should hone my skills.

We had Ed's friends from work, Stan and Dana over for dinner. They were guinea pigs for my new mini home-made pot pie recipe. The crust was just right, but I need to keep on refining the filling. We had broccoli, carrots and chicken in a poultry gravy. It was good, but needed that secret something to make it great!

We were lucky to have enough leftovers to do it again on Sunday. We invited the Sheppards over, reheated some pies and did it again! The second time it really was easy as pie!

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