Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Durham with the Bradys

We arrived in Durham early this afternoon and got to see my brother, David's second office at Aqueti, where they make lots of very high tech things, including cameras and x-ray scanners.

He is also a professor at Duke University and took us on a tour of the Doris P. Duke gardens. We were lucky to be there in spring to enjoy the flowering trees and the beautiful tulip gardens.

We dropped by at the big dig downtown where they are building the tallest building in Durham. David and Rachel have purchased a condo on the top floor of it, and will have the pleasure of watching for the next two years as they build it!

Rachael and I had fun going out for our new summer pedicures!

We finished up with a tasty dinner of shrimp and grits at Harvest 18. It was fun eating outside on the patio. Summer and good times are here to stay!

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