Saturday, March 26, 2016

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in the Rain

We drove out to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens today and had fun trying to see it between rain downpours.

We were happy to wait on the beautiful covered veranda for the house tour. It was built in 1891 after fire destroyed the first two homes. Did you know Charleston didn't grow cotton, but rice? This plantation grew rice with the help of slave labor. Despite major financial setbacks, it has been in the same family for 350 years!

One of the ways they have survived, is by opening it to tourism since 1870. They have beautiful gardens and wildlife, including this very wet peacock!

Today was their annual Easter Egg roll, and we had to share the front porch with about 500 children waiting for the rain to let up so they could go find some eggs!

The rain did stop long enough for us to tour the gardens, including several serene bridges over the streams.

The live oak trees along the Ashley River were dripping with Spanish moss.

The pathways were lined with flowers, as well as azaleas and camellias. We were glad to be here in the spring!

We went back to Charleston, where we had dinner at Poogan's Porch. We tried out the chicken and waffles. When we first moved to Baltimore I thought that chicken and waffles were two meals. Ed had to explain to me that it was a thing! It was very tasty Southern dish, but I'm not feeling good about myself after eating the whole thing!

We did a little shopping after dunner and went back to the hotel to rest up and dry out!

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