Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Skyline Drive

Ed and I started our road trip to Charleston, SC today. We decided to drive the long way, via Shenendoah National Park in Virginia. We wanted to drive the much ballyhooed Skyline Drive.

Before entering the park we took a little side trip to the Skyline Caves, where we enjoyed seeing the pretty formations.

They had some rare anthodite formations we had never seen before. They were formed in a vacuum and were never exposed to air till the caverns were opened.

The Skyline Drive is 105 miles long and has 75 overlooks! We stopped at a handful of them to take a few pictures. The mountains were very pretty and the lack of leaves on the trees gave us a good view of valleys on both sides of the road.

We also stopped along the way and jumped onto the Appalachian trail for a short hike. The trees on the trail are marked with a white blaze, just like in Maryland and Pennsylvania!

We're spending the night in Waynsboro, VA, but ate dinner at the Mill Street grill nearby in Staunton, VA.

We chose the restaurant because of the pretty bread pictures on TripAdviser. We were not disappointed! The apple flavored butter and the honey-bacon salad dressing were a unique start to a delicious meal!

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