Friday, March 18, 2016

Mt. Vernon Bike Trail

Suzanne is helping Ed and me find the best things to do in the area. She suggested we park our car at her in-laws house and ride our bikes on the Mt. Vernon trail.

We bought a bike carrier for the Mini, and decided the 65 degree and sunny weather was going to be perfect for a ride today.

From the Rigby's house it is only about a mile to Mt. Vernon. We took this happy picture before we realized how hilly the path was!

It followed the Potomac river, but somehow managed to go up and down a lot while doing it!

Martha Rigby suggested we stop for lunch at DRP pizzeria across from Bel Haven park! She did not steer us wrong. It was the perfect pick-me-up to help us cycle back up the steep hill to Mt. Vernon on the way home. It was a 22 mile round trip. Someone is going to be sore tomorrow!

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