Monday, May 23, 2016

Blogging in the Rain

Did I mention I was sick of the rain? We've had 4.5 inches of rain so far in May. The average is 2.77. It has made it hard for Ed to find a partially dry day to mow the lawn. It has also made it hard to walk, and hard to find a place to go with the dog when we have an open house to sell our house!

We drove in the rain to the Stake Center last night where I gave a mini-class on blogging as a means of journaling.

Because I have completely lost my voice for the past three days, it was an inopportune time to give a class.

However, with the aid of a microphone, I was able to magnify my croaking enough to be understood. It was fun talking about blogging and sharing some of the ways we've preserved family online as well as in books.

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