Friday, May 20, 2016

Collectible or Not?

Ed has a collection of comic books he bought mostly in the 60's. We cataloged all 370 of them and took them to a comic book store yesterday. We looked on line to see if they had any value. Ed thought maybe we'd get $100-$200 for them.

To our amazement, the owner cut us a check for $700! Woohoo! We'll put it toward our "Visit Boston" fund!

Fresh off our joy at selling the comic books, we took 4 boxes of vinyl albums to a record store today. Out of 370 albums, the owner chose 50 he thought he could resell. He then offered us $40 for them!

After some bargaining we settled for a mere $47! Not nearly as happy as the comic book adventure! Now, the worst part is we still have 4 boxes of vinyl albums to get rid of! I hope Goodwill will take them!

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