Sunday, May 22, 2016

Walkersville Mystery Train

Ed and I drove to Walkersville yesterday to ride the Mystery Train with the Rigbys. It was only a 45 minute drive away. The train ride was 2 hours, but only covered about 14 miles of track. It was slow enough you could really enjoy the scenery!

The served a nice dinner on board--as you can see by this nice cheese and fruit appetizer plate! It was catered by the Carriage House Restaurant.

I've had a cold this week and lost my voice, although I felt fine. This meant that everyone else had a chance to talk. There were points  in the conversation where  I thought they would have benefited from all the scintillating pieces of information floating through my mind, but it was to painful for everyone to hear me try to talk. Ed did a good job telling my stories for me!

The mystery was simple and fun and allowed us plenty of time to just enjoy the ride and the good company!

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