Thursday, January 4, 2018

Behind the Scenes at the Monte L. Bean Museum

We took the Hautas to the Bean Museum where Brittany works yesterday.

They were not afraid of the giant snake! The museum is hosting a Smithsonian traveling exhibit about monster snake fossils discovered in South America.
Titanoboas lived before dinosaurs, but in a fight with T-Rex, the 48 foot snake could have easily squeezed it to death!

We got to see some of the live animals the museum uses at its shows. Brittany is not afraid of tarantulas or snakes!

Their largest animal is a red tegu named Simon. It was fun getting to touch the animals, but we were happy not to hold them!

She also took us to the mammals collection, where she found some pinyon rice she had personally skinned and stuffed with cotton!

The wet collection is the perfect setting for a very scary "Night at the Museum." They had rows and rows of bottled animals, all neatly cataloged!

We're lucky Brittany works in such an interesting place and is able to share it with us!

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