Tuesday, January 2, 2018

It's a Wrap!

We finished our recording session Saturday! Hooray! We recorded 13 songs in 6 days! We had done a lot of work on the songs before we got together and that helped tremendously!

Ed has vowed to start mixing the songs earlier this year! When he waits till October to start mixing them it is hard to remember what we were doing!

I hope I never see another B minor chord again in my life! It seemed like every song this year was sprinkled with them! My broken wrist is doing much better, but that pushed it to the limit! It shows I have a ways to go still in my rehabilitation!

We moved all the recording equipment upstairs for one last song, O Holy Night. This will be the fourth time we've covered that song!

Crystal brought us a beautiful trio arrangement of it that she had played in church in Colorado. The girls also played the song at Brittany's church on Sunday morning.

We celebrated by going out for sushi at Sushi Ya in Orem.

I taught Clementine how to use chopsticks!

We ended up the evening playing a game at Brittany and John's house, after which they were happy to sleep in their own beds after a long week away from home!

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