Monday, January 8, 2018

Abby Stevens wedding Shower

My niece, Abby is getting married next month, and we had a shower for her on Saturday! (She's the one on the right on the couch!). It is exciting to see her getting married. We were lucky to have shared those Colorado years with her, where Barbara's and my family both grew up. 

In an amazing turn of events she will be Abigail Adams! I wonder if the name had a little extra attraction for her!

My sister, Barbara hosted the event and invited her family as well as Abby's Stevens family. I had only met Naomi once before! 

My sister Annette is visiting here with Arlene, who is a Stevens aunt we know well, as she married our cousin!

Eli's wife Lacy is expecting again, and Barbara will soon have TWO grandchildren! My brother's wife Sara was there, as well as my mom! It was a real celebration! Congratulations, Abby!

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