Monday, August 15, 2011

A Ferry Nice Day

Even the church is bilingual here in Belize. We went to 9 a.m. Sacrament meeting, which turned out to be the Spanish meeting, which was nice for me. They were very kind to translate some of their talks as they spoke, realizing they had some gringos in the congregation. Crystal knew the Elders serving there. The speakers talked about the temple dedication next week, as that is their new temple district.

After church we took the ferry to Xunantunich, a Maya site just across the River from San Ignacio.

It was a surprisingly nice site, complete with a very tall pyramid that they call El Castillo. It even had a ball court!

We enjoyed the climb to the top--okay, not so much the climb as the being at the top. There was a not only a beautiful view, but also a nice breeze to cool us off! Another great thing from the top was the view of Guatemala. We were practically a stone's throw from the border and didn't even know it!

In the afternoon we drove to Belize city, where we caught a water taxi to San Pedro. This picture of Brittany makes it look fun, but it was an hour and a half ride in the boat, and for the first hour we couldn't see anything around us. We switched seats at Cayo Caulker, and I we entertained ourselves the rest of the way by taking pictures of the sun, the sea and ourselves!

We were picked up by our hotel in a cute little golf cart. It reminded us Cold Saturday farm, and helped us feel right at home. Ramon's Village Resort is right on the ocean, and we have a nice view from our bedrooms. It's a nice resort, and we even have air conditioning in the rooms!