Saturday, August 6, 2011

Make Way for Segway People!

This is Crystal's last weekend in Maryland, and we decided to do something fun before she left. We chose a three hour Segway Tour of Washington, DC. The motto of City Segway Tours is "Less Effort, More Fun," which could really be Crystal's mantra for life, so this was right up her alley!

After a short video and a brief training session, we were off! It might have been nerve racking driving in the bike lanes in the capital if we hadn't been following an experienced guide.  She also took our pictures for us whenever we liked. Here we are behind the capital with the Washington Monument in the background.

Look, like magic, we're already on the other side of the capitol! The Segways go about 10 miles an hour, which is SO much faster than walking!

By the time we hit the mall pathway, we were in our stride! We were at one with the machine!
Our little group consisted of our family and a German family of four from Cologne! I spoke a little German with the mother, which was fun for me and she even answered me in German several times, until she realized I was in way over my head!

By the end of the tour I was getting a little brazen and even took a few over-the-shoulder shots of Crystal and Ed!

We finished up with a stop at the White House. The City Segway Tour was one of the most fun things we've ever done.

The only bad part was walking around DC afterwards and feeling sad to have lost our wheels!

In case you want to take the tour yourself,  here's a link to their website:


  1. What a fun way to see the nation's Capital, and learn a new skill.

  2. This looks like a huge help getting to see even more in D.C. than you would on foot! Your next Segway tour should be in Ireland! We loved ours!