Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something Fishy

We spent a leisurely day today snorkeling and sailing. The good part was the fish and the water. The bad part was the booze cruisers and the sunburn.

We had a really nice catamaran that we thought would be barely full, when the company we were contracted with showed up with a boatload of about a dozen girls gone wild. It’s not the greatest combination when you’re supplying all the beer and rum punch a person could drink. Apparently, a person can drink quite a bit of it.

Ed got a new underwater camera for father’s day, which worked adequately, considering the fact that the LCD screen stopped working. He got a few nice pictures by just pointing the camera in the general direction and shooting.

We went to Hol Chan Marine reserve and shark alley. The guide caught a manta ray and held it for us to touch. I thought it was rubbery.

Then, he caught a nurse shark, which felt like wallpaper.
 Ed even got a picture of the three Bush girls underwater!

We enjoyed sitting up front on the catamaran part of the way to Cayo Caulker, which was a sandy little town where we walked around and had lunch. 

After lunch the party kicked into high gear, ending with the captain of the boat hitting on the girl in the pink bikini. The girl with the cackling laugh stepped on one of the hatches, broke it and fell partially in. One of the other girls ended up with an ice pack on her head. We weren't sure what happened there. We were relieved to reach shore safely! Ed did not tip the guides!

Although we didn't enjoy our fellow travelers, we had an enjoyable and memorable experience. We'll enjoy retelling (and possibly embellishing) our high seas adventure for several years to come! We loved the sailing, the snorkeling and the fish, but next time we're looking for a nice family trip, we'll think twice about booking with a company called SEAduced!

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  1. The sea looks beautiful, and you got to touch a shark! Sorry, the excursion was less than you signed up for, but, in the end, it will be one of those family bonding memories. Thank goodness you ones are so resilient. I watched the comedy channel last night and on comedian pointed out that in Louisiana they say you 'nes instead of you all.