Saturday, August 27, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods...

We've been over a lot of rivers and through many woods, and ended up at Grandma's house last night. It felt so great to have a warm and loving house at the end of our three day drivaganza. We even had a hot-home cooked meal with fresh garden vegetables!

We dropped off Crystal's wordly possessions at her new apartment and got rid of the U-Haul (hooray!). Brittany and John brought Crystal the piano, which has become more like a hot potato over the years.Crystal gets stuck with it this semester.

Ed Melzer has lost 40 pounds on the get-sick-and-loose-weight diet. It's a terrible way to loose weight, but he looks pretty good. Good enough that we let him do all the dinner dishes. It was nice to be pampered!


  1. Glad you made to grandma's safely. Wonder how Ed and Coda are coping with the impending hurricane. I have an all day painting seminar today, I feel like the teacher in the target commercial (so much glitter).

  2. Congratulations. Glad you made it safe and that you will no longer be attached to a U-Haul. Life is good.