Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

We recorded three new songs yesterday for next year's Christmas CD. We're pretty happy that we've now finished half the CD, all with Amanda still here. Brittany worked hard to arrange Once in Royal David's City. Amanda helped tremendously with Ríu, Ríu. Chíu. Crystal was proud because she chose half the songs while she was home this summer. Ed has a new Firebox and has to learn all new software to mix it!

Miss Carol joined us for dinner and singing. We had ham and potatoes. The girls have been so helpful in cooking, asking my advice as we go along. After  finding both the cake and the rolls turned out raw in the middle, I think they might stop asking my opinion in the kitchen! Fortunately, the ham was just heat and eat!

After Ed read the Christmas story the girls played O Come, O Come Emmanuel. It was a nice warm-up for playing again the next day in church. Our family did a few numbers we recorded in the morning, then, we followed up with group singing out of the Bush Caroling book.

Lenny and Kay came over in time for the singing. We sang Crabs for Christmas especially for Lenny. We really should have dedicated that song to him on our CD. He LOVES his crabs, and has been very generous in treating the girls to crabs and inviting us to his crab-b-q every summer. To thank him, we had Dennis Pitta, who is a member of our ward at church, sign one of his rookie NFL trading cards, as well as a football especially for Lenny. It was a big hit, as Lenny loves his Ravens just as much as his Maryland Blue Crabs!

We had a lovely evening by the fire, then stayed up late playing  more bananagrams! I let the others win enough games to keep them playing, but not so many that they don't know who is Queen of the scrabble tile!

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  1. We played Frackle at Barb"s, if I had known how much fun it was, so I would have got it for you for Christmas.