Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It Was a Cold and Wintry Day

Ed Melzer was laid to rest on Monday. It was a cold a wintry day, with a light snow falling. We're all smiling in the picture at the cemetery, but there were plenty of tears shed at the funeral services. He was the grandpa my children remember most, and we were so grateful for his presence in our lives. We learned from his children that he was a pretty strict father. I wonder if any children of the 50s got out of Saturday chores! However, we knew him in the kinder and gentler days. We were grateful that his son Dwight recognized Norma and her children and grandchildren during his talk. When he pointed out that he loved us like his own grandchildren, it started the tears rolling. Amanda sang the Lord's prayer for the final number, and that just kept the waterworks going.

The ward fed us a great luncheon. This is the cousin's table, with Eli, Amanda, John, Brittany, Crystal, Joe, Bobo and Abby. It was so great to see Abby, who just returned from her mission to Norway. Amanda will be returning to Germany on the 26th. We were grateful she was able to share so many family experiences as she has been home on medical leave!


  1. Wow -- that's a great picture of the cousins!

  2. Note the table of seniors in the background.