Thursday, December 22, 2011

Early Birthdays

Amanda and I celebrated our birthdays together last night. We always celebrate my birthday early, so as not to conflict with Christmas day. Amanda's birthday is not till January 11th, but as she is leaving for Germany December 26th, we decided to celebrate her birthday early as well. We spent all afternoon cooking up a scrumptious fondue supper. We decided to just use dipping sauces for the meat, but made cheese and chocolate fondue, as well as some great sauces. If it weren't so much work it might become a new Bush family tradition!

We played bananagrams till midnight, after which the kids retired to the basement for a little Nintendo. It turns out I'm pretty good at banangrams. Either that, or the kids just let me keep winning because it was my psuedo-birthday!

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  1. Celebrating your birthday with someone you love makes it double special.