Thursday, December 15, 2011

Irish Stew with Miss Carol

Miss Carol took us to dinner last night at O'Lordan's in Westminster. It was so much fun. Most of us had the Irish stew, which was worth writing home about! Amanda listens to the beat of another drummer. She tried the bangers and mash, possibly because it's fun to say.

There was some discussion about whether the bread pudding or the shortcake was the best dessert. I'm going with the bread pudding. Ed pointed out that if it was so good, why didn't we finish it, like he and Amanda finished the shortcake. I'm sure I could have done it justice if I had not just finished my entire bowl of stew!

To top it off, we discovered an Irish jam session, which meets on alternate Wednesdays in the pub.  I'm wondering if I have the courage to join it one of these days. It looked fun!

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