Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cleaning the Garage

It was a good thing we bought a new car. The garage really needed cleaning! I was determined to find a way to get our little mini in the garage, and after spending 6 hours cleaning, I was successful! Notice Ed can still park his lawn mower in the garage, too! I'm especially proud of the clean counter tops! Now if none of the bike or the kayaks fall out of the rafters, we'll be okay!

After I made room for the cars, I took some shelves to the basement. They had been destined for Goodwill, but I realized I could use them in the breaker storage closet. I emptied out three large boxes from our old linen closet that were just stacked in there from our move. I believe they might be the last unsorted boxes from the move. I placed all the blankets, sheets and towels neatly on the new shelves, and now I'm feeling like I killed two birds with one stone. The new car caused us to clean the garage AND the basement! I'm tired just thinking about it!

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  1. Can't believe you have room for a lawn mower and the mini, that's one big garage.