Thursday, August 30, 2012

To the Movies with Miss Carol and Miss Alice

Miss Carol wanted to go see the new documentary about Obama to see what the US would look like in 2016 if his vision is carried out. I went along, as did her sister Alice. It was an interesting movie. I learned a lot about Obama's early years and the effect his father, or rather his imaginary father figure (built up as a wonderful, visionary man by his mother), had on him. I came away wondering why people get upset about polygamy 120 years ago in Romney's family, when Obama's own father was a polygamist. He had a wife in Kenya when he married Obama's mother. He also remarried after his divorce, and took his new wife back to Kenya with him where he had more children by both wives!

The gist of the movie is that Obama is anti-colonial, influenced by his father's thinking. This anti-colonialism spills into anti-Americanism, because we're too large and powerful in the colonial manner. According to the filmmaker, Obama would like to do his best to change that.

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  1. If Obama is anti colonial, doesn't that make him a believer in states rights? And if He believes in states rights doesn't that make him a republican? Can hardly wait for the Democratic convention.