Saturday, August 11, 2012

Diploma Day

Crystal received her diploma yesterday at the Life Sciences College Convocation ceremony. There she is shaking hands with the dean! She didn't actually receive her diploma, but a nice case to keep it in. Her diploma arrived in the mail in Maryland about a month ago. That was a bit anticlimactic for me. I just want to say hooray for ceremonies that celebrate life events! It gives us a moment to recognize the effort gone into achieving the goal and also to give gratitude for the opportunities provided to us along the way. I now feel that Crystal is a college graduate, much more so than when she got her diploma in the mail!

We were so happy for Crystal that we all cheered hooray for her after the ceremony. Grandma was also very happy, but she has a more subtle way of showing it than the rest of us!

We celebrated by going out to dinner, followed up by a celebratory cheesecake at Grandma's house. My favorite part of was sitting around the table and listening to the family reprise Whistling Prairie songs. They did great on Riu, Riu, Chiu, which has not yet been released (or mixed, for that matter). John impressed us remembering all the words to his solo. I'm still trying to remember how my verse started!

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