Saturday, August 11, 2012

Moving Day

Today was moving day for Brittany and John. Their old house (emphasis on old) is destined for the wrecking ball, and all the tenants were evicted. Happily, for them, this coincided with our visit for Crystal's graduation. Happily for Crystal, she had a prior engagement with her ex-roommates this morning! So, the rest of us filled up the U-haul with Brittany and John's worldly possessions.

Their new house is about 100 years newer than the old one, and hopefully will be a nice change. Look at the nice view of the mountains they have from their driveway! I like their new place because it is slightly larger and is on the main floor. Next time we move them there will be fewer stairs involved!

We were rewarded for our labors by returning to a home-cooked meal at Grandma's house afterwards. Grandma is the one with the apron! She made roast beef and potatoes. It was like Sunday dinner on a Saturday night!

My sister Annette, and her husband, Kent came over to visit. She filled me in on her retirement. She hasn't had time to think about how much she misses teaching. We enjoyed visiting with them every bit as much as we enjoyed eating the sweet corn freshly picked from their garden!


  1. Looks like maybe not such a good time was had by all in the big move. Congrats to Crystal. Wishing John and Brittany a happy future in their new home. And congrats and best wishes to Annette in her retirement. The gals in my painting chapter tell me they actually have less time in retirement. Hi Mom, miss you weekly emails.

  2. Why is Kent using the sippy cup?