Sunday, April 14, 2013

Amanda's Got Soul (Or That's a Fine Moss-Colored Car)

We helped Amanda buy her first car this weekend. It is very cute 2013 moss-colored Kia Soul. She's hoping it will be large enough to fit a harp, a piano and all her earthly possessions as she travels to Minnesota this summer to start graduate school!

Ed, in his research, had decided the Kia Soul was a great car for the money, and I have to say, he was also influenced by the hamsters in the car commercial!

In an attempt to accommodate our fleet better in the garage, we cleaned out the garage yesterday. Amanda will be parking outside, but the Mini Cooper and the lawnmower, will still be sharing a parking space.

Thank heavens spring arrived just in time for us to enjoy working outside! Ed even got in his first lawn mowing of the season!

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