Friday, April 26, 2013

To Utah Again!

This is my third trip to Utah since January! But it is my first trip traveling with Ed! We also flew with cousin Alisa, who is going out for her sister's wedding. She introduced me to the joys of the flatbread sandwich at Subway. Alisa is like family to us, although our common Allred ancestor was born before 1800!

Budget rental car was so nice to us at the Salt Lake Airport. Ed always gets a complimentary upgrade when he travels. I love our BMW X-5! It is beautiful and I feel like a total yuppie!

We enjoyed breakfast this morning with Grandma after a good night's sleep in the guest room. Just to accommodate Ed, Grandma had purchased a new memory foam topper for one of the beds, and it passed Ed's sleep test with flying colors! I know the crowds are going to be flocking to Grandma's house just to try out the new "Ed-Bed!" We're all rested up now and ready to celebrate Brittany getting her Master's Degree today!

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