Saturday, April 6, 2013

Old Friends, New Friend

Chuck and Renee are in town! They are the first couple we met as a young married couple in California. We worked in Young Men/Young Women together and formed a fast friendship that couldn't be diminished by 30 years of living in different states. They had three boys and we had three girls. They are retired and we are not! So, here they are with their gigantic travel trailer in front of our home. They've been travelling the US for 5 months and have finally made their way to Maryland!

The weather warmed up yesterday, and we able to enjoy a walk in the woods with the dogs.

Coda and Okie (their long-haired Chihuahua) had a bit of a rough start. Coda wanted to play and Okie thought Coda was trying to kill him. But, they're doing great now. Okie is the sweetest little dog. We might dog-nap him when they leave.

We stopped by the farm and introduced Okie to the Horses. Okie had never seen any animal that large! Mr. Genes hadn't seen a dog that small, for that matter!

Miss Carol graciously gave us a tour of the house and the barn. Renee enjoyed taking the golf cart for a spin. Okie loved riding along in the basket!

The farm is a great introduction to life in Maryland. Today we have big plans to show them the city!

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