Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's Cherry Blossom Time!

Today was the peak day of the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. It was a full three weeks later than last year! Ed and I have been trying to see them since we've moved here, but seem to miss them every year.
Ed is freezing himself in Colorado Springs today, so Amanda and I ran down to the tidal basin to catch the blossoms before it's too late! They did not disappoint!

In my attempt to get the perfect picture of the Jeffereson Memorial, I accidentally propped my elbow in someon's melted posickle! Can you feel my pain?

We enjoyed coming across a Japanese wedding party getting some nice shots of themselves in their wedding finery, and surrounded by the beautiful pink blossoms.

We also met a falconer with his red-tailed hawk named Stuff.

The Washington Monument is scaffolded half way up to make repairs from the earthquake a year and a half ago. Fortunately, you wouldn't know it when you cover it up with cherry blossoms! What a beautiful sight, and what a picture perfect day to enjoy it!

1 comment:

  1. The cherry blossoms are beautiful. I need to borrow that hawk.

    A woodpecker has decided there are some pretty tasty morsels on our roof.

    How a bird that small can sound just like a heavy duty jack hammer is beyond my understanding.