Saturday, June 8, 2013

Honeysuckle Hunt

The honeysuckle has been so sweet and so prolific in the woods the past week. With all the rain we've had the past two days I was afraid all the blossoms would be gone. I talked Ed and Amanda into going on a honeysuckle hunt with me today.

First we found some baby geese in Miss Carol's pond.

We also found a lot of small (and sadly, bitter) strawberries in the path.

There were also some giant mushrooms growing out of rotten trees!

Happily, there was also some honeysuckle! (See the tree behind Ed.) Many of the blossoms were gone, but it was still evident all along the fire trail. And, best of all, you could still smell it. I don't know how I missed it last year, but I'm glad we got to see and smell it this year!

It was nice to have Amanda along to train Coda to walk next to us. Amanda is the true alpha dog in our family, and Coda obeys her better than anyone. We stopped at the swimming hole to try to teach Coda to swim. It turns out she can dog paddle just fine when the water is too deep for her.

But she doesn't really like it. Look what it does to her fur!

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