Thursday, June 6, 2013


Tuesday afternoon, I went strawberry picking with Suzanne and Amanda. It was a beautiful day to be out in the fields at Baugher's Farm.

We got some ripe, juicy berries, which Suzanne went home and made into freezer jam. Luckily, she shared some of the jam with us today! 

Yesterday I did some more pickin'--this time banjo pickin' with my friend, Karen. We've had some beautiful weather, and we enjoyed sitting out on the deck entertaining the neighbors. We did Whiskey Before Breakfast, a great tune with a funny title. I can relate to the title, because I had to make a rule in our house--no chocolate before noon! 

After we polished up our banjo song we had fun just talking...isn't music really always just a good excuse to get together?

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  1. At least you really practice. Sheila and I had been getting together once a week to paint, but there were days when very (ok zero) little painting was done (why pretend). FYI-I asked my painting teacher what to use on Crystal's project and she let me 'borrow' some of her paints.